"Empowering people to listen to and trust their intuition."
"Empowering people to listen to and trust their intuition."

Patient Testimonials

“Loving touch and special care…Thanks, you’re a lifesaver.” — J.R. · Wayne, PA


“Thank you for making my old body feel younger than it has ever felt.” — L.S. · Hammonton, NJ


“Much gratitude for all your skill and grace.” — L.B. · Kimberton, PA


“Thank you for your personal care, help, concern, and love.”— Whit Family · Hammonton, NJ


“I look at things in a whole different way and keep in mind that it is okay to relax.” — D.C. · Wayne, PA


“Thank you for your help and for making a difference in our lives. You are special.” — B.R. · Wayne, PA


“I really appreciate you.” — J.C. · Roswell, GA


“Your essence is love and light and nurturing. Thanks for healing me inside and out.” — C.R. · Devon, PA


“Thank you for all that you have done for me. Your ‘mystical powers’ are continually changing my life.” — S.T. · PA


“Thanks for your support, insight, and encouragement.” — S.C. · Devon, PA


“I was so impressed by the gentleness of the work and what I experienced.” — I.C. · Boston, MA


 “You’ve made a difference in my life. You are special. Thanks for understanding what I needed, even when I didn’t.” — M.M.


“I’m a little less anxious since starting care.” — A.C. · Hammonton, NJ


“Less overall stiffness after yard/garden work.” — M.G. · Wayne, PA


“Breathe more deeply.” — T.C. · Wayne, PA


“Staying calm, calmer in response to daily stress.” — R.S. · PA


“It has created flexibility and fluidity in my muscles.” — S.C. · Radnor, PA


“No more sciatic pain, no more stiff neck.” — L.W. · Bryn Mawr, PA


“I don’t stay stuck in emotions. I feel more open and connected. Depression has left, my neck is looser, and I have ess sciatic pain. I feel more relaxed, less impulsive, and more driven.” — M.Y. · Media, PA


“Posture has improved. Increased awareness of body, especially back and breath…stress doesn’t settle in a certain area as it did before treatment.” — L.B. · Roswell, GA


“Network treatment has been miraculous for me. As you know, when I came to you, I was using a walking stick and on heavy sedative medication for pain. I couldn’t walk or get around without awkwardness and pain. After several months you got me to stop the sedatives because they ‘masked the symptoms.’ I did it with fear and the results were wonderful. After 3-6 months I could again walk freely, play tennis, and resume my real life. They still say I have neuropathy in my legs and feet. I’m about 75-80% back to normal because of this gift of ‘network’ care.” — C.P. · Delaware


“Carmen, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you are doing. I think I mentioned I’m a writer. The book I’m writing is about uncovering divine wisdom within. I began this book from a distant perspective. Recently, I have felt flooded with light, energy, and love. I feel like I am opening up to the world! And more importantly, unlocking the magic inside. This has transformed my book and my life. Thank you for healing me inside and out!” — Christy · Roswell, GA


“There are several changes I’ve noticed since starting network chiropractic. I have less intense negative emotions. At first, they were more intense and more frequent (crying, anxiety, depression, moody, anger). Now, I no longer have anxiety or depression. The other emotions are very infrequent and less intense and are over more quickly. I’m more aware of my breathing and I breath more deeply. My shoulders are less rounded and I’m more aware of how I hold them. I haven’t had any acute back or neck pain in a long time. When I do have any pain, it is less severe and does not last as long, no more sciatic! I have not been getting headaches or migraines. I have not had digestive problems as frequently. During my most recent period, I noticed that I did not have cramps or breast tenderness. I noticed my back feels freer when in motion, walking or dancing. I have less frequent lower back pain. I’m more relaxed in general, more content with things I cannot change right now. Thanks for all your help, Carmen!” — L.W. · PA


“In praise of Dr. Carmen…Two visits to an orthopedic doctor, three to my family doctor, gallons of pills, and 4 months of physical therapy virtually nothing to relieve 12+ years of chronic back pain. Dr. Carmen’s healing has blessed me with a better quality of life in many ways and a much more encouraging outlook on the future. I only wish that I had visited her earlier.” — T.C. · Wayne, PA


“Dear Dr. Carmen, I came to you in distress hoping for relief from severe back pain. I had to get on that next plane and needed you to work a miracle. That was all. To my great relief, you helped me through the initial trauma and for that, I am deeply thankful. You were the competent professional I had hoped for. What I had not expected is what makes you very much more than a competent doctor…a deep and genuine ‘caring’. I was really surprised by your desire to not just fix the current problem but achieve a sustained improvement in my wellbeing…In other words, change things long-term. There is no greater compliment I could offer than saying you truly caused me to change how I live…WOW. It’s not just the very helpful little things like breathing, yoga, and the like but the ‘permission’ to take off and not feel guilty (well not totally). Thank you for all you have done to improve my life because you cared so much. I promise not to forget your lessons and to take care of my back (and the rest of me). I know your new patients will benefit from your touch and caring as so many already have.” — T.C. · Wayne, PA


“Upon my initial visit to Dr. Carmen’s office, my primary concern was the lower back pain that consistently plagued every aspect of my existence. In February 2001, I was going on my third year of post-renal-transplant treatment and was prescribed immune-suppressants, blood pressure medications, antibiotics, steroids, and acid reflux medication to combat the adverse effect of all the medications. I slept an average of three to four hours a night, had early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, suffered from constant fatigue, and was gained an average of two to three pounds a week. I was miserable.


The most noticeable aspect of my first visit was the fact that my hips were straight. I was no longer “pushing” my legs in front of me. I had a natural gait. My lower back pain was replaced by a deep sensation of heat. From my neck to my sacrum I felt a pleasant prickling phenomenon. Within the first month, the following occurred:


  1. One of my blood pressure medications was decreased and then eliminated due to much lower blood pressure levels.
  2. Carpel tunnel syndrome ceased.
  3. Willingly eliminated all meats with the exception of fish (I felt ill after consuming meats).
  4. Increase of current kidney function
  5. Lower back pain subsided
  6. Greater mental stability
  7. Decreased pain in exercising


After approximately one month, I had a fainting episode while dining with my family. I went to the local emergency room and underwent a series of tests. All tests proved inconclusive. There was no evidence of a rapid elevation or decrease of blood pressure or blood sugar. Upon my arrival at Dr. Carmen’s office, she noticed a difference (for the better) in my neck, placed where my head hit the floor when I lost consciousness. Although this incident was never medically explained, it proved beneficial for my chiropractic health.


In my second month of treatment, I did not experience as many overtly apparent changes. However, the internal impact was immense. After each adjustment, a surge of emotion occurred. Mostly it was great sadness that I had never even admitted to having any impact on my life. Before network spinal health, when unpleasant emotions came to surface, I would swallow them and attempt to smile. I now have a greater realization of how these emotions impact my overall wellbeing, especially when not dealt with. I recognize that be it negative or positive, these thoughts comprise a large part of my daily perception, which alters many physical aspects.


After the second month, the following occurred:

  1. Change in the sacrum
  2. Weight gain stabilized
  3. Acceptance
  4. More artistic
  5. Increase in coping with daily events
  6. Increase of kidney function
  7. Revitalizing functioning in my original two kidneys
  8. Decrease in medication
  9. Increased understanding of the messages that my body was attempting to convey


I then moved to the next level of care. At first, it seemed as if I had reached my apex. At this time, I felt as if I had achieved all that I could. After a few visits, I felt drastic alterations in my neck with an increase of overall flexibility. One evening while holding a conversation, a lightning bolt of heat shot down the side of my neck. This sensation was extremely uncomfortable, but afterward, my neck felt wonderful. I had an increase in the range of motion along with a feeling of warmth that continued for almost a day.


I still recognize the benefits of Network Chiropractic, but how it affects me has changed. My body is still changing, but the drastic differences I witnessed in the beginning of treatment have been replaced with smaller, crucial alterations. I have begun to lose the post-transplant weight in increments of about a pound a week. My blood pressure has stabilized and for the first time since I was sixteen, I no longer need blood pressure medications. My current health to quote my kidney physician is ‘astounding’. I feel my body is quite receptive to external and internal messages. The key is to ensure that my body is receiving the correct messages. Within my last few months of Network Care I have experienced:


  1. Forgiveness of myself and others
  2. Decrease of immune suppressants
  3. The realization that I don’t have to ‘do it all’
  4. Better relationships
  5. I discovered new events/people that I enjoy because ‘I had no fun in my life’
  6. Note: I usually become sick with cold, flu, etc., in the spring. This year I did not.
  7. I have gained 1.75cm in height (only being five feet tall, every bit counts).
  8. Release of negativity
  9. When my neck feels tense, my body seems to correct it with the bolt of heat.


Although my situations (i.e., work, school) have not changed, I have. I cope. My concentration on what ‘matters’ evolved into a more meaningful definition. Work matters when I’m at work. When I’m not there, it doesn’t matter. I can now leave work at work, school at school, and my life in balance…almost.


This is all I can remember for right now, although I know there is so much more. Every session that I leave I say, ‘thank you’ and it hardly seems enough. You have given my life back. A life I didn’t realize that I missed until I had it back, and now it is mine forever. A truly eternal gift.” — Rachel · Pottstown, PA

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